Video Vednesday: Annual Goals, Daily

Don’t worry. There’s no way I’m titling an entire series with a corny pun.

I’m not even sure I’ll make this a series. But I did decide to finally, FINALLY, do a little videoblog thingamabobby.

Because it’s important to try stuff. Because some people (apparently) like video. Because for once, I had something to write about that seemed to lend itself to video.

Well, kinda-sorta. Enough to give it a go. So here goes!

If you’re not into video, I basically describe my new morning habit, cribbed from Penelope Trunk, of writing down my annual goals (almost) first thing every morning, then writing down my daily goals underneath. With checkboxes next to them. Because little things are important. [BONUS LINK: one more from Penelope Trunk on goal-setting/achieving, complete with rationales for why the individual “tricks” work.]

If you are into video, I would love to know why. No, really, I really would. Because I don’t mind doing it so much as it’s just not my default mode. And feel free to let me know if you like audio, and why. And maybe even what. I have a much better idea of why people might like audio (in the car, on an iPod, while cleaning or doing repetitive/dull tasks, etc), but I’m sure there is a lot of stuff I haven’t thought of.

Thanks, and enjoy, if that’s your thing. Or, you know. Just tune in tomorrow, lots more writing from this gal…



  1. Hi Colleen. I liked the video-thanks for it. As you said, this was a post that naturally lent itself to a video b/c their was a visual component. (BTW my husband is a total pen freak an dhe uses the first pen you listed!) It is also a great way to get to know you and your personality really comes through on screen (tho’ also through your writing so you aren’t someone who *needs* a video in that sense.) Oddly, I have also been contemplating the whole podcasting thing and am taking a course (2 day, crash) next month on this exact topic. B/c I too need to figure out if videos are important/useful/”better” or just part of the whole multi-media obsession…a solution chasing a problem as it were. Good for you for test driving this!

  2. Thanks, Delia! I guess I don’t even think about that, how video can help give someone a clearer picture of who you are. Very good point. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it (and more importantly, what you learn from doing it!).

  3. Speaking as someone who generally skipped over the videos before, I recently started looking at some. If they are done by articulate, personable, authentic people with something valid and useful to say, I like them very much. Yours is a great example. Your personality captivates and I loved your helpful tips. Overall, video is easier on the brain than blog posts, just like TV is easier than reading. But there’s a lot of drek out there I will continue to skip, preferring to exercise my brain by reading. Bravo for the experiment. I’d say it was a success.

    1. Overall, video is easier on the brain than blog posts, just like TV is easier than reading.

      Interesting. I can see how some video might be—if the subject demanded you conjure up a process that would be easily explained with a clip—but I hadn’t thought of it in those general, “oh, I’ll just turn on the TV”-type ways. Thanks.

  4. I usually sigh disappointedly when I see a blogger I enjoy use video or audio. That isn’t the fault of the medium but of my own impatience & reading quirks–I tend to scan (a lot) when I read, or jump around (I’m notorious for seeking out the punchline first and then returning to the top to read the rest), and video removes those as possibilities.

    But my preference against video and audio disappears to a large degree when (a) the person has an engaging audio/visual presence, and (b) the content is tight enough that I don’t feel the urge to scan/skip ahead. You meet both of those. First, I dig your voice–I recall a post a while back in which you read a post about waking up in the middle of the night to someone creeping in your house (loved that story), and I so thoroughly enjoyed your reading of the story that I wished you’d do more. Second, you don’t over-explain things so that the content feels dragged out. Your presentation of ideas is always sharp and funny and tight. Third, specific to video, you come across well on camera–not uncomfortable and agitated by the medium, but comfortable with it. Perhaps something to do with the acting background? :)

    All in all, I like you via writing, audio and video. That’s not the case for all bloggers and writers I follow, but for you, it is. And for this specific instance, the visuals worked really well.

    Re: the video subject matter itself: I have pens #1 and 3 too. Sharpie fine-tipped pens are my beloveds.

    Finally, thank you for sharing this idea. I like the daily reminder it offers and the built-in refocusing on what’s really important… I tend to lose sight of that from time to time as I construct my to-do list.


    P.S. Sorry for the long-winded comment!

  5. I’m also not so generally into the wideo, with exceptions for people I’m fond of and consider friends (in my head or in real life).

    The reasons are much the same as Marissa’s — video feels slow to me. I can read faster, and have more control over what I see. But I like what you did here. I love this trick (except I’m already foreseeing the things that will chronically show up on the annual list but not the daily one). And I’m totally weird and fanatical about pens, so now I want to check out the ones you mention. My favorite is Pilot roller ball pens in extra-fine, but I think their very speed has contributed to the deterioration of my handwriting.

    (Okay, now to sound even more like a stalker, another benefit of video: we can see the lovely blue of your eyes! Which doesn’t come through in writing so much.)

    1. Haha. That was my next choice, “Wideo Wednesday.” May still do it.

      Sounds like it’s demo-dependent, what will work. At least, for the people weighing in. Thanks, Anna! (And I’d take credit for the eyes but, well, YOU know. Nothing about them was my doing.)

  6. Hi Colleen: Thanks for sharing the idea of writing your annual goals every day. I think this is great because these goals are often forgotten by February (just like a New Year’s resolution). This is something I will try incorporating into my routine very soon. BTW, I enjoyed the video…you’ve got good energy, presence and content. I say you should add videos as one of your blogging tools – when the subject is appropriate and lends itself to good demonstration. Thanks again!

    1. I think this is great because these goals are often forgotten by February (just like a New Year’s resolution).

      Precisely. I was amazed at what I wasn’t doing when I started writing them down every day. And this was an entirely different and more intense feeling than looking at them daily, which I’d been doing. Thanks, Tim!

  7. Excellent advice! It’s amazing how often we don’t do what we say we WANT to do and tracking that daily correlation provides solid evidence with which to work.
    And I love “personality” videos. I enjoy the combination of info. and insight into what makes my favorite bloggers tick.

    1. Thanks, Sunny. I do like seeing certain people in video—Merlin Mann, for example. He’s a delight in real time as well as on the page (or screen—we all have to wait a bit longer for the book). Thanks, Sunny!

  8. Colleen: I’m not usually a video person either, but I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better by hearing your voice in a different way than comes across in your writing, so (a) I did take time to watch it, and (b) I enjoyed it :-).

    The goal writing technique makes all kinds of sense to me.

    I’m a pen freak too. My current favorite is a Pilot Dr. Grip roller ball. I also enjoy a nice notebook :-).

    Since I read your blog often but don’t generally comment, this seems like a good time to thank you for sharing your insights. You are a very talented writer, and I look forward to that book when it manifests!

    1. You’re very welcome, fellow Virgo. I’m not sure what the ratio is, but it isn’t 1:1 (posts to video). But more clearly seem to be like a good idea.

      I should probably revisit screencasts, too.

  9. Loved the video! I’m convinced that with the development of digital media (in particular the iPad with the iBook), what it means to be a writer has expanded to include not only hypertext, audio, and photos, but of course, video. As for myself, I’ve got a couple of videos on my site, I’m making more, and I started podcasting last week. I used to think of these activities as sideshows to the writing itself, but now I see now that that they can be intregrated— as here, your video in your blog, and some text (at the end) in the video itself, sending people to your website. Writing is becoming something larger than it was, and the categories (writer, speaker, filmmaker, photographer, etc) fuzzier.

    Good wishes to you. Blog on!

    1. Thanks, Mme. Mayo. I have been thinking long and hard about the iPad, too. I’m holding off until the next generation—the screen res wasn’t quite good enough for me to feel like I’d really enjoy reading for long periods of time. But there’s no denying we’re moving into a different, lighter, more fluid time of media consumption. And a few writers are going to be poised to take advantage of it. Will check out your podcasts.

  10. Been thinking about why I like some video online and some not so much – now I think it’s partly the vids that lend some camaraderie to my day alone at the keyboard that I enjoy most, i.e. those with an actual person talking about something genuinely important to them (TED talks are a good example here – could someone do a TED talk about the importance of writing utensils for creative endeavors?). Most importantly, the person in the video must remain a person and not become a talking head that represents, sells or is otherwise no longer present in a conversational (read: participating with the audience) kind of way.

    About pens: medium ball, blue plastic Papermates are hard to find in Germany, but great pencils (a little softer than no. 2) abound here…

  11. OK, i just had to chime in that I just *love* how many closeted pen freaks there are out there…my husband no longer seems so strange in my eyes!!


  12. @Delia, who you calling closeted? Oh, as for the video, I agree with everyone else. Not being able to jump around is a drag, but if the video is good it’s a good thing. Of course, I should note that this tip works only if you have goals for the year. I suppose I should have.

    1. But the pens! There was goodness in the pens, too!

      (Look at me. Already getting desperate and needy. Blech.)

      Seriously—not that I could be serious in a goofy PhotoBooth video, but I thought about keeping it at least a little entertaining, so that (hopefully) people who weren’t into the goal stuff might enjoy it.

      Thanks, Jeremy.

  13. C: you know I come to this biased because I love video (shooting my own and watching yours). Here’s why yours works for me:
    you are a celebrity and we want to experience you in as many forms and positions as possible. Deal with it and give us what we want.
    it widens your net for learning style variety.
    we get SightIn to your environment (changed since last video) and what your energy is resonating right here, today. please don’t underestimate this one.
    Yes to all of the above lovefestiness.

    What kept me out: I’m starting to actually look at the time counter on videos before watching them and (b/c you asked) hesitated at the 5:49); wanted the about this video pieces to be shorter.

    Pen I love: Fischer space. Doesn’t leak, writes under water (yes, I will find a use for that soon) and upside down (yes, found a use for this one).

    Keep giving us what we want. You are good at it.

    1. You are RIGHT ON about time. The first one I did was over seven minutes. Ugh. I am one loquacious motherf*cker.

      Notes are excellent. I was hoping you’d chime in. And everyone, listen to Dyana. She knows about this stuff. Thanks, Dy.

  14. Hi Colleen, I love your writing and enjoyed seeing you on video, just to get a further sense of your personality. It definitely comes through!

    Just watch for “Uncle Al” moments. In telling a story, Uncle Al would get bogged down with little side trips , “We left on Tuesday…no wait, maybe it was Wednesday night, it was when Ida broke her leg…the day before the bees got out, maybe that was Monday” you get the picture. You can lose the thread of the story with too many Uncle Al moments. Because we can see your notebook, its exact size isn’t a big deal.

    I too love pens, but I love pens that write a big fat line – no untra thins for me! My all-time favorite is Papermate’s Profile pen in a variety of colors. Delicious!

    I won’t watch too many blogger videos but yours I will watch!

    1. Oh, god—I am totally Uncle Al. Always have been. Never met a tangent I didn’t like.

      Must. Stay. Focused.

      Thanks for the notes, Ann. Very much appreciated, esp. the candor about my blabbity-blab proclivities. Nip that shit in the bud!

  15. I like video simply because it personalizes the blog for a more enjoyable blog experience =p And I am particular about my pens for my list making too! xo

  16. Okay, Colleen, I’m going to unlurk to comment because you are really really asking for feedback. I have this nervous aversion to commenting, so I hope this is helpful…

    1) What everyone else said, and
    2) Like that you can show me what you are talking about. I also like to see your space, and maybe notice if we have anything in common, and to perhaps learn something that I pick up by observation. It’s not about being visually stunning, rather putting subconscious pieces together in my brain as I try to grasp not just your words but your way of being.
    3) Also, you are proving it to me that you actually do this thing you say you do because I can see it. Something about authenticity there.
    4) It’s like you are talking *to me* — I found myself leaning forward towards the screen as if we were sitting across the table from each other having an inspiring conversation. Don’t know what to make of that exactly except that I did get the feeling that I was in the room with you in person. It just is fun to have someone reach me in a more direct way.

    So thanks. And please do more videos when it feels right.

    And not to ignore the topic itself…this morning I couldn’t even articulate my goals…after watching the video and clicking through the links you provided, I totally get it now. So I have a list of specific goals now, just a few hours later. I think maybe the video got me clicking with a sort of kick in the pants, whereas maybe just reading it would have me nodding in agreement but not inspire me to immediate action.

    Sorry so long, I guess I’m a think-out-louder…

    1. Wow—when you step out of lurking, you step OUT. Good for you, and THANK YOU for this detailed and helpful comment.

      I am fascinated that my little kitchen (in the background-background) or my bookshelf should be of interest. But I guess I shouldn’t be—I also find it fun to see people’s habitats. Call me crazy, but my fave exhibit at Disneyland was the recreation of Walt’s office. I was heartbroken when they took it down (although the memorabilia display that took its place has some items of interest.)

      I am not sure what, if anything, I am doing (besides just looking into the camera eye directly) to make you feel like I’m talking directly to *you*. I do take care to not say “you guys,” because I know that the experience of viewing is one-on-one, even if there are 100 individual people watching. Maybe that’s it. It’s funny, b/c my biggest falling-down area as a commercial actor was talking directly to camera. I sucked eggs at it. Never booked one spot that wasn’t narrative, to my recollection. Oh, well.

      Finally, I am most delighted of all that the video somehow kickstarted you into setting specific goals. It’s transformational, having those suckers; the more specific I get (and obviously, the more specific I get about the way I use them), the further they move me along.

      I’ll keep doing videos if you keep jumping out of the shadows to leave comments, okay? We’re a good team. :-)

  17. Hey Colleen – I love my Uniball ‘Impact’ pens. They make an impact! And I LOVE this video post. Love that it’s the real you and the content was great. We have to put our attention on our intentions or they don’t happen! Keep em coming.

    1. Ah, yes. The gel pen. I so loved them, but I just don’t have the handwriting for them. Me and gel, we’re a mess together.

      Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. Much appreciated.

  18. You came across as very authentic.

    Freedback: The one thing you should work on…your voice was hard to hear in parts of your video.

    Your cadence is super fast which might have been the reason there were bursts of volume differences.

    But I truly enjoyed seeing you try something new and hope you’ll continue.

    1. Ugh. I KNOW. Thank you for confirming it, though. I swear, the levels sounded fantastic here. And then when I heard it on YouTube, it sounded all muted, like crap. Not sure what’s up with that—I’m reasonably loud and project-y, from all that theater time I logged.

      If anyone knows if cadence plays a role in the muffling (good theory, btw), I would be very grateful to have that confirmed. I will probably never speak slowly—we worked assiduously for a full year in Toastmasters to sloooow me down, and this is as good as it got.

      1. If you’ve got any questions at all about sound or just want someone who knows their stuff to give you some audio pointers, touch base with Christy (@OLSoundAdvice on Twitter, website at

        And for video questions, I unreservedly recommend Karen (@KarenYaeger on Twitter, website at

        I’m guessing either of them would be able to answer your question about muffling & give related tips.

  19. I like the video. You’re such a great speaker. I know you feel more confidence with your writing, but I think you’re a born live presenter. Your voice is amazing and your personality shines through.

    1. Thanks, Brooks. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m less confident about the speaking or if it’s my perfectionism rearing its annoying head at a precise 90º angle. It’s simply much, much less time and effort to get a relatively smooth piece of writing than it is to get a similarly clean piece of audio or video (or even live performance). The added components create added layers of complexity.

      But I am really, really going to try looking at this as an opportunity to let go of the perfect in favor of the good enough. Maybe it will be wildly freeing. Who knows?

  20. You transmit real warmth and energy. What you say is interesting and sounds true.

    I was distracted by the way you seem to be almost deliberately obscuring and negating your striking beauty. The visuals are a huge part of your message. Why ignore this aspect?

    I kept wanting to let your hair down (what lovely hair…), apply the merest, subtlest touch of lipstick. Just a tiny bit of eyebrow pencil. Put you in a dark brown V-necked T-shirt (crew neck is so unflattering).

    I totally get that you’re no painted newsreader Barbie. But subtle make-up won’t compromise your authenticity, honest. Paradoxically, it would make you look more intensely you.

    1. Thanks, Nellig. To be fair to me and my decidedly casual look in this vid, I literally decided on the spur of the moment to record a post rather than write one. Usually if I know I’m going to be on camera, I at least throw on eyebrow powder and the faintest bit of lip color, because my face really is all one shade. I’m not sure if it was ever thus, but it is now. (White eyebrow hairs, even! It’s nutty!)

      I also stubbornly cling to crew necks, at least, as my cooler-weather shirts, b/c they are soooo comfortable. Even with those, I’m usually wearing a scarf right up until it’s 80ºF. What can I say? I like chest and throat warmth.

      The hair, I’m just done with. I’ll post some shots of the insanely excellent haircut this last stylist gave me. I am, unfortunately, completely unable to reproduce the styling of it on my own, plus I hate hate hate hair anywhere around my face, ever. Pigtails are my aesthetic compromise, believe it or not: after my friend, Dorie, helped re-style my whole look a couple of years ago, I learned that my long face needed balancing with puffy hair. So the pigtails are like lipstick or eyebrow powder for my whole face, framing it (a bit) in the absence of long hair.

      Boy, that was more info than anyone needed, wasn’t it?

  21. Hi Colleen,

    Normally, I HATE video — it just seems to slow to me (perhaps ’cause I’m a super fast reader) — but I make the exception for you. You have such a fantastic video presence. You’re interesting and engaging and you have a great voice (love your sense of humour, too!)

    Plus, of course, you have great CONTENT. I’d never thought of writing out my annual goals daily, but I will start tomorrow.

    You also asked for extra tips, so here are mine:

    1) When you write your to do items, estimate how long they will take. This is often surprising. It’s even more surprising when you track how (in)accurate you were. I’m a chronic under-estimator of how long tasks will actually take me. This is good to know.

    2) Select one “frog” to eat every AM. (This is your most important, least liked task) and do it first.

    These two items make a huge difference to me. Thanks again! -daphne

      1. Sorry about that. Just a compulsive over-helper…. Anyway, can you advise me on how to get the little picture thingy on my posts? I can’t figure out how to do it. (Am not a blogger, if that’s any excuse…)

  22. I’m writing to thank you and Penelope for the tip about writing down yearly goals daily. We get so caught up in the day to day and we stray so far off target that we forget how we got there in the first place. The goals will definitely keep me grounded.

    1. I think she even got it from someone else—sounds like age-old wisdom, right?

      But yeah, who couldn’t use a little reminder on a daily basis. Glad you liked it. Let’s get this sh*t done, people!

  23. I am not normally a video watcher. Like one of the other commenters, I looked at the counter first and thought, “Oh, over five minutes, kinda long.” And yet, I was hooked. It was so great to SEE you and and HEAR you, like a real person. I compared your real face to your avatar and it was good. It fit, meshed. Yes.

    Do you write right-justified, or was the video reversed in some way? Maybe you were holding the notebook upside down? Seeing your check boxes on the right side of your list kept catching my eye.

    Also, in the background, all your cabinet doors were slightly ajar. I actually liked that, because I think your life is slightly ajar for us, your readers.

    1. Thanks, Louise. Overly-long duration duly noted. If I’d had the time, I’d have recorded a shorter video—and will, in future!

      PhotoBooth flips the image. I didn’t know that going in; I do now, so from now on, I’ll just record in iMovie. The checkboxes are on the left, though—good eye!

      And if I could close those @#%* doors, I would. 50+ years of paint and water and god-knows-what-else has bowed them beyond hope. As are we all bowed a bit by time, I suppose.

      1. But it wasn’t overly long, not at all. That was about ME and my ever-shrinking attention span. And I was charmed by the @#%* doors, even as I noticed them.

  24. Loved your video and because I tend to be very visual and kinesthetic I find that seeing the ideas vis a vie video will make them “stick” better for me than just reading would do. Thanks for doing the video and btw, thanks for your song, “The Boulder.” I love it!


  25. I tend not to be a video person – it limits when I can read email & links to home use (work in a cube environment — wait, can you CC your videos?? then I could have the sound off and still know what you’re talking about!) – enjoyed this tho!
    I am a pen-o-holic and share you pilot pen love – my favorite for how it feels in the hand (and how it looks) is the Faber-Castell E-Motion Wood Ball Point Pen, have just one and use it for my morning pages — something magical about it!

  26. Colleen, I miss you so the video was almost like seeing you again.

    Mostly I was focused on the lighting, wondering how you got such great lighting — because Dyana and I did a series of (what I thought were short) videos, but now after reading all these comments I see they were not so short at all, to promote the Creative Freelancer Conference coming up in 2 weeks — find them here: (I know you’ll forgive the plug)

    But mostly what I appreciate about this entire post, including and especially the comments, is that it’s a how-to-in-process as we all try to figure out how (and whether) to use this technology.

    So that’s why we’ll do a blog post that sends more people your way to see it and comment.

    1. Thanks, Ilise. I miss you, too! And that is a huge part of video (and audio), I’m seeing, now that I examine my own reasons for watching it. I may not look at *every* video someone makes, but I’ll watch one here or there, to feel connected.

      The lighting is a matter of playing around. Always use natural light if you can, and make sure it’s coming at you from the side or front, not the back. The North side of my apartment just has great light, but it’s best in the early afternoon. (Which reminds me: time to wash the windows!)

      And yes, we’re all figuring it out as we go. Other people making their processes transparent is helpful to me, so I’m just paying it forward.

  27. From one Virgo to another, you absolutely crack me up and I loved the video – that being said just do what feels good to you and we will all LOVE it:) Btw, I have one little trick I use – I get those big (and I mean BIG Jerry) white desk calendars and tape up three months right in front of my desk, they help me keep focus (or fear, depending on how much I have accomplished) right in front of me:) Oh – and my youngest of four who is now 18 is a whizz at the video stuff and has taught me quite a bit – if you look under Kim Roman Corle on youtube you’ll see some of my ramblings, nothing big just some vids that offer ideas. Here’s to you and a great day! Cheers.

  28. It’s not Wednesday anymore, but I just had to say I loved this video! I know you’re not used to doing videos, but you come across awesomely, and it’s almost as good as being there in person with you. :)

    I LOOOOVE this tip! I usually just write down my todos for the day, but this is even more conscious. I love it. :) I also am very fond of stars and check marks. I think it’s the virgo thing. ;)

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. It’s a great tip. I’ve really moved along in some areas b/c of it, and others—well, let’s just say it’s turning up the heat in a big way.

  29. Thanks for the video, colleen. it was the perfect medium for this post. I particularly loved seeing your favorite pens – I’m crazy about having the right paper/pens and a pen that slips into the wire loops.
    Other people have said this, but video is a good medium to enhance the sense of who you are. it certainly comes through in your posts, but it’s good to see you and your attitude “in person”.
    On the other hand, it’s obviously faster to read a post so unless the content warrants video, I personally prefer writing.

    1. Pen freaks, unite!

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely going to err on the side of less at first—as much as I’m starting to get the point of video, I’m with you on using the medium most appropriate to the message.

  30. Hi Colleen, I LIKED!!! your video. I have trouble organizing. Somtimes I feel my ‘to do’ list is a whirlpool of words swirling in my brain. To see your book and lists really nailed down the idea that this is a great way to focus oneself. I make lists of goals, but I’m not consistent. And I’m a believer in the idea that ‘we’re all in this together’ type of thing, and you’re video inspired me. Thanks! I enjoy your articles in the Newsletter. Look forward to more videos. And I love pens. Best, Sonja

  31. Good Morning Colleen,

    Well I do enjoy video as a way to communicate. I use it often on my FaceBook page but more as an amusement to my friends. But all creative products, music, spoken word, video, movies; they all start with the written word. Yes, even if the end product seems not scripted it usually is or at least blocked out into a story board.

    What video and the spoken word provide are the additional context cues that reading an author’s blog can not. Case in poiint; how many times have we heard stories about someone getting an email and reacting in a certain way because they believed the author had certain “axes to grind” when in fact that was not the case? I have received those kinds of emails or read someone’s blog and have had that initial knee-jerk reaction or been misunderstood as a result of my email. it happens from time to time with the best of intentions because we are human. Video, and the spoken word, on the other hand, offer a means to convey the real vibe behind the message.

    In this modern world a video blog is the closest we can get to Henry David Thoreau’s time when folks would keep a written journal and it would be the source of evening entertainment after a nice meal to read from one’s journal to your friends. In many ways, we as humans have not changed much; only the technology.

    PS- I do enjoy your wrtings as well.


  32. I am a fan of video because it’s nice to put a face with a message and in some ways, I feel more drawn to reading articles from people who come across as real and aren’t hidden behind their words. You bring such personality to the camera and I hope I see more videos from you.

    As I help people in transition, one thing I always say is to the use the time to “try out” new things and learn. So many job seekers have valuable information inside them that they can share with or without having a “job” or “new business” just yet….which is yet another advantage to video.

    In terms of writing down goals each morning, I really like what you said. I do this for daily goals but hadn’t been doing it for annual goals which is a great idea! What also helps me is having an accountability partner, who I call on a daily basis during the week to tell her what my goals are each day and brainstorm with her.

    1. Thanks, Josephine. I’m finally getting that even if I mainly stick to writing, the video can enhance the reading experience for people.

      And I would be lost without my accountability partners. They are legion, and they are amazing.

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