Month: September 2005

Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesWoodwork squeaks and out come the freaks…to communicatrix!

show me some chicken curry embroidery designs (Google)

…and I’ll show you some really twisted Indian chicks.

airbrushed tutus (Google)

When 14 yards of frothy, pink tulle just isn’t femme enough.

hippie skivvies Jesters (Google)

I thought dirty hippies went commando.

killer scary clown clip art (Google)

As opposed to the soft, gentle clown clip art that quietly lulls one to sleep.

romance fiction harlequins (Google)

Must be that “Bodice-Ripper” tag I added last week.

recipe for baked chicken breasts and cream cheese – Heloise column (MSN)

Show of hands: who thinks Heloise is a honky?


Coming soon to a newsstandski near you.

RuckSack HA White Cover (Capacity 90 Lit) (Yahoo)

Communicatrix.comâ„¢: home of all your camping and outdoor needs!

credit cards suck (Google Images)

Click. No, really, click.

heloise odor stinky toilet solutions (AOL)

When you’re done with those chicken-‘n’-cream cheese roll-ups…


Have you missed List Wednesday? I know I have.

Things I’ve found so far during Project Apartment De-Grossify:

1. A manila envelope containing the Final Cut Pro discs I lost two years ago.

2. A bunch of those little rubber feet that go under printers, paper cutters and small household appliances.

3. Dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

4. My college diploma*.

5. Extra (!) cords around my computer that plug into nothing.

6. communicatrix: The Benihana Years

7. One upside-down cockroach near the fridge (bleh…)

8. My grandfather’s (unpublished) novel about the not-so-golden days of radio.

9. The antenna for my wireless router.

10. Jesus in a Tortilla**


*Has anyone else had the balls to toss this? Talk about your expensive tchotchkes…

**Okay, since this was given to me by a client this week, I didn’t really find it. But come on…you totally want one.

Plus ca change…

While it’s hard to believe, the first anniversary of communicatrix: the blog, is right around the corner.

And, while TypePad has served me well for that year, for a couple of reasons I’ve been considering a move to blog publishing software + hosting situation.

First, cost: money continues to be an issue, and there are some savings to be realized by shifting to a DIY set-up, especially if I go with an open-source product like WordPress.

But second, and more important, really, is the feeling of personal satisfaction I think I might gain by flying solo. I like the idea of becoming a little more knowledgeable, a little more adept, a little more self-sufficient. I’ve read about the problems Wil has been going through updating MT, which scares me a bit, but really, in the end it’s just a buncha words on a server. Not all of them especially memorable, really.

Anyway, if any of y’all still have the address bookmarked (does anyone still use bookmarks since the advent of RSS?), best update to plain old

And stay tuned for fresh details…and perhaps, a fresh look to go with them.


P.S. If any of the five of you have recommendations, pluses, cons, raves, rants, about your fave blogging software, by all means, consider your advice solicited.

Quotation of the Day

mandala“Sit in a room and read, and read and read. And read the right books by
the right people. Your mind is brought onto that level, and you have a
nice, mild, slow-burning rapture all the time. This realization of life
can be a constant realization in your living. When you find an author
who really grabs you, read everything he has done. Don’t say, ‘Oh, I
want to know what So-and-so did’, and don’t bother at all with the
best-seller list. Just read what this one author has to give you. And
then you can go on and read what he had read. And the world opens up to
you in a way that is consistent with a certain point of view. But when
you go from one author to another, you may be able to tell us the date
when each wrote such and such a poem, but he hasn’t said anything to

, Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Photo: “Mandala,” by Gilberto Santa Rosa, as posted on Flickr